Acclaimed designer catering to both local and international clients, Gitty is a licensed architect and interior designer whose professional training and practical experience translates your dream into a functional reality.

Her services include optimal space planning, detailed plans, custom designs and supervision of the works in progress, whilst her expertise in 3D renders enables you to see in advance, exactly what your new home will look like.

Gitty balances interior design elements such as space, light, color, texture, pattern, line and form to create harmonious and welcoming interiors as she combines impeccable taste and an unerring eye for detail with her extensive knowledge of structure and materials to convert your vision into a practical working design.

Fluent in English and Hebrew, Gitty has cultivated a professional team of experts to ensure your dream home is built to the highest standards. With you, the client, as the focus, Gitty skillfully navigates the potentially arduous process from the initial stages of creating the concept through completion, to ease your transition into your new home.

Choosing a Gitty Rabinowitz interior means that you are able to sit back and relax, confident that your project is in the most capable hands.

Contact Gitty now to discuss the scope of your work and receive your quote.