Recent projects


New Build in Beit Shemesh

The client's priority was sleek and modern lines, a showroom look involving minimum upkeep.


Working  in tandem with the client, we designed a designated space for each item and function resulting in an upscale yet practical kitchen.

Sorotzkin Refurbishment

The client, unhappy with the dark and cramped conditions, requested a full refurbishment.

We spotted the wealth of unrealized potential. Stripping down the apartment whilst leaving existing walls due to structural limitations, we brought the surreal view of Jerusalem hills into the residence by revealing and modernizing the original beautifully arched windows.


The resulting light and spacious area proved a total transformation for this apartment under construction.

September 2020 


Apartment in Romema

This apartment, currently under construction, suffered from an impractical kitchen shape due to load-bearing walls. This necessitated expert space planning.

The design resulted in a functional and attractive kitchen maximizing the limited space available ... and yet another satisfied client.


Pictures of the full refurbishment to follow.

November 2020

Jerusalem Vacation Home

Situated in Tel Arza, this luxury apartment is ideal  for accommodating the vast extended family on their visits to Jerusalem.


We went for a contemporary style using  a palette of cool whites and grays with accents of navy blue as a contrast.


Designing a living room with no option for windows proved a challenge overcome by incorporating the skylight into a ceiling feature to flood the room with natural sunlight.


Shul in Ramat Beit Shemesh

The most challenging part of designing a Shul is producing a concept representational of the community's unique character, whilst including the traditionally required features and elements.

May 2020